How It Works

When I have availability I'll reach out via your preferred contact method.

From there I will:

  1. Get you to fill out a more in-depth initial intake form online 
    • This asks for more information about things such as medical conditions, who is on your team, and what you've tried that works and what doesn't
    • Where services will take place (in your home, in the community, or virtually)
  2. Book an initial intake session (in person or virtually)

  1. Initial intake session
    • This is often done with just myself and a caregiver, as it gives them the opportunity to share their story and for me to assess what services will work best for your unique situation
    • For youth or young adults who are great self-advocates, they may want to be involved in the initial intake or depending on the situation it may just be with them
    • This is our first billable session and it may not require a full 60 minutes (billing will be adjusted to the time spent in the session)
  2. Continuing sessions
    • At the end of the initial intake session we will have collaborated on a plan for what services work best for you and your family- now we get to carry it out!
    • We may plan for direct therapy which includes
      • More direct time with the child or youth
      • Typically in your home or in the community
      • Typically longer duration sessions (45 min-90 min)
      • Typically higher frequency sessions (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly) and may be regularly scheduled or a set number of sessions
      • In-depth assessments (e.g. fine motor, gross motor, sensory) are considered direct therapy and typically have a set number of sessions
    • We may plan for a caregiver consult which includes
      • More time collaborating with caregivers
      • Typically are online or over the phone
      • May be a shorter duration session (30-60 minutes)
      • ¬†Typically less frequent sessions (you may only require 1 or 2 total, or they may be every few months)


Services may be: