Services and Rates

Occupational therapists have a wide scope of practice. What we want and need to do varies a lot between each child, youth, and family. Here are some of the areas I support youth and families with:

As mentioned in the How It Works page services may be direct therapy or caregiver consults:

Direct Therapy:

  • Includes more direct time with the child or youth
  • Typically is in your home or in the community
  • Typically longer duration sessions (45 min-90 min)
  • Typically higher frequency sessions (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly) and may be regularly scheduled or a set number of sessions
  • In-depth assessments (e.g. fine motor, gross motor, sensory) are considered direct therapy and typically have a set number of sessions

Caregiver Consults:

  • Includes more time collaborating with caregivers
  • Typically is online or over the phone
  • May be a shorter duration session (30-60 minutes)
  •  Typically less frequent sessions (you may only require 1 or 2 total, or they may be every few months)


Base Rate

  • This is the base rate for all OT sessions including virtual sessions and includes prep, cleaning, mandatory charting, etc
  • If sessions are shorter or longer the base rate is adjusted accordingly (e.g a 45 minute session will be $120.00)
  • Is the rate for other admin work such as report writing and resource creation (adjusted to the time it takes to complete the task)

Travel Fees

  • If sessions are shorter or longer the base rate is adjusted accordingly (e.g a 45 minute session will be $120.00), however the travel fees will not be adjusted.
  • If you are outside of this zone please contact me to discuss potential availability and rates
  • The map is for reference only – please contact me to confirm rates



Funding options may include:

AFU (Autism Funding)Direct billing available
AHP (At Home Program Funding)Direct billing available
Funding through online schools or homeschooling programsDirect likely available
*ensure you check with your plan prior to starting and consider requesting OT services
No direct billing
  • If you do not have access to funding, please reach out to Nicola to discuss reduced rates

Cancellation Fees

  • Letting me know as soon as possible if you are not able to make the session is always appreciated as it may allow me to adjust my schedule to provide services to other families
  • A last minute cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at half the rate of a 60 minute session ($80.00)
  • Cancellation fees are discretionary for emergency situations or if the child or youth is sick
  • Cancellation fees will be applied to situations where I arrive to the house and the child or youth is not present or serial cancellations