Leveraging Sustainable Occupation Therapy for climate mitigation and adaptionJanet Craik and Nancy RushfordCASCADES
CAOT 2024 ConferenceMultiple presentersCAOT
Climate Aware TherapyJenet Lewis and multiple guest presentersClimate Psychology Alliance of North America
Let’s Talk Disability and Sex! The power of co-creation and knowledge mobilization to meet the needs of pre-teens with disabilitiesAmy McPherson and Christine ProvvidenzaChildren’s Healthcare Canada’s SPARK Knowledge Mobilization Program
2022 National Competencies for OTs in CanadaACOTRO, ACOTUP & CAOTCOTBC
Safe and Sound: Training Occupational Therapists to Enhance Autism Safety and SupportTara Warwick
Supporting Sleep within the Autistic and Neurodivergent CommunitiesHilary McClinton
Nicole Shallow
ACT Community Training
Suicide Awareness, Assessment, and InterventionAngela Moss,
Nika Ball
Mental Health of Adolescents: Psychosocial Occupational Therapy for Adolescent PopulationWilliam LambertOccupational
CAOT 2023 ConferenceMultiple presentersCAOT
Autism Interventions through the Lens of Polyvagal Theory: Improve Social Engagement, Increase Emotional Regulation, and Reduce AnxietyStephen Porges3rd Annual Autism Symposium
Masking in Autism and the Increased Risk for Suicidal Ideation: Internal Family Systems & Strengths-Based Models for Identification, Safety Planning, and TreatmentSean Inderbitzen, Lisa Morgan3rd Annual Autism Symposium
Disrupting Occupational Therapy: Our Collective Responsibility to Get MessySheela IvelevAlberta Health Services
Products, Articles, & Trainings for Adults with Social and Learning DifferencesMichell Garcia WinnerSquare Peg Society
Our Planet Our Health: Creating Well-Being Societies ConferenceMultiple presentersBC Public Health Association
Trauma-Sensitive PracticeKim BarthelCOAT
Learning to Connect and Communicate with your PDA ChildCasey ElrichAt Peace Parents
Autistic Girls and WomenTony Attwood and Dr. Michelle GarnettAttwood and Garnett Events
Toileting, Interoception, & Nutrition: An Evidence-Based Approach for Promoting Toileting Success and IndependenceKelly Mahler and Kerri Hample
The Mental Health Literacy Guide Jonathan WeissYork University and Autism BC
Best Practices for Implementing Interoception-Based SupportsKelly Mahler
Pathways to Resilience: Strategies in Times of COVID-19Rachel ThibeaultCAOT
Individualized Education Plans (IEP)Chelsea JelicAutism BC
Indigenous CanadaChelsey Vowel, Savage Bear, Alannah Mandamin, Isaac TwinnUniversity of Alberta
COAT Virtual Conference 2021Multiple presentersCAOT
Unpacking the Guide Webinar Series – Session 11 – Food SecurityKristi Tatebe, Tracey Kim Bonneau, Jennifer CockrallOkanagan Nation Alliance
Motivational Interview for Helping Professionals: Part 1Cristine UrquhartChange Talk Associates
MoCA AdministrationMontreal Cognitive Assessment
Evidence Based Design: An Alternative Approach to the Sensory RoomMichelle FergusonCAOT-BC Mental Health and Substance Use Practice Network
Restorative Justice: Community Justice Forum TrainingMichelle LaBoucaneOkangan Boys and Girls Club
Sensory Processing and Sensory-based InterventionsMoira PenaCAOT
Self-Injurious Behaviours: Insights and InterventionsLogan McCollCAOT
Practical Evidence-Informed Strategies for Teaching Pain Self-Management for Brain InjuriesBronwen Moore, Connie Cai-DurateCAOT
OT in Autism: Emerging Pediatric Considerations for Communication Michele HerbertCAOT
Teaching and Developing Conversation Skills – A Step-by-Step FrameworkKerry MatayaAutism Awareness Centre Inc
Trauma Informed Relationships; Working with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis PeopleMelissa SpenceSt. Elizabeth Health Care
Trauma Informed Care and Sensory RegulationKim BarthelManitoba FASD Coalition
Non-Violent Crisis InterventionCrisis Prevention Institute
200 Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingMarion McConnell, Helen MikuskaSouth Okanagan Yoga Academy
Counselling on Access to Lethal MeansSuicide Prevention Resource Centre Training Institute
Strategic Planning Approach to Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention Resource Centre Training Institute